Hi everyone and thank you for playing Voltorb Sweeper!

For those who never played Minesweeper before, there is a very short "How to play" you can read. 📖

Don't forget to try alternate color palettes 🎨 by pressing F1 - F6 keys at any time or using the settings screen. Find the one you like the most and don't forget to post your best time/difficulty in the comments 👇 Can you beat the hard mode?

You can find me on Twitter @NoelOnyx or other socials (including tip jar 🍻) for more retro Pokemon content 🙂

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This game is very fun :) although it was EXTREMELY frustrating trying to beat hard, took over an hour because of impossible layouts or literally guessing the first one wrong 6 times in a row but I did it and enjoyed myself, so happy when I did beat it.

GG! I see you're using the [imo] best color palette too 😁


cute! love watching the little guys on the lower left c: